How It Works

Leads come into the Leadtree Global system via any one of the following methods: E-mail, SMS, broker sites, SEO, PPC, and social networks. Leadtree Global will validate the lead and try to match the customer with a lender. If the lead is accepted, we will redirect the customer to the lender, to complete their application.

UK Market

We work in consumer finance across short-term lending, unsecured loans and guarantor loans as well as other financial services.

US Market

We work in consumer finance including short-term lending, personal loans and guarantor loans.

Easy Setup

  • Simple Integration
  • Choose your own filters
  • Manage your own volume
  • Decide your own price point


  • At a glance dashboard summary
  • Daily, weekly and monthly overviews
  • Individual channel reporting
  • Search and view app history

Your Account

  • Manage access and permissions
  • Invoicing and billing system
  • Dedicated Account Manager
  • 100% Online


We work closely with our lenders to ensure Leadtree Global provides the customer with the best option and the lenders with the best conversion. Our industry defining reporting dashboard and filter management systems mean that each lender can be in total control of their own channels. This helps to maximise conversion and help more customers.

Lenders using our bespoke system are able to manage any number of tiers, set up and manage their own filters, manage access and permissions and much more.

Leadtree Global only works with lenders who are authorised by the Financial Conduct Authority and so all of our lenders can be sure that all the leads seen are from reputable sources who have been thoroughly vetted.

If you are a short term, guarantor or any other finance company working for underbanked customers, then please get in touch to discuss your requirements.


With a large panel of lenders for short term and guarantor loans, our affiliates can be sure to earn one of the best financial product conversions. We use market leading user integration systems to ensure the customer has the most seamless journey from applying for a loan to receiving a loan from one of our lenders. Our real time reporting dashboard enables affiliates to track and improve their campaigns to increase and maximise the conversions and revenue.

Brokers who work with Leadtree Global are provided with a dedicated account manager who will guide you through the process of getting set up in our system, supplying leads to our panel of lenders and getting the best conversions.

We work closely with our affiliates to ensure they are fully compliant with the regulations set out by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) and the Informations Commissioner's Office (ICO). We also provide a number of different creatives across a number of different channels to help our affiliates reach the maximum number of customers with the best content to convert the customers who need financial services.


Marketing is the most important aspect of lead generation. Getting in front of the customer with the right message is what sets out the best affiliates and lenders. We work across a number of different channels including, sms, email, PPC, SEO, Social media channels and comparison sites. We provide creative and content across all of these channels and we are continuously working to help our affiliates market in the most compliant effective way to increase the conversions and maximise the work being put in to help customers every day.

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