Leadtree Global PingTree

Lead Management Platform

A pingtree is a type of lead distribution software that is used in the online lead generation industry. It is used to help potential customers find the loans they are looking for without the need to do multiple searches and filling out loads of application forms. A pingtree allows a customer to fill out one application form and for the details to be submitted to a large number of companies, with the best match being found in the quickest time.

Our pingtree will validate a customers details and based on the lender’s price and the rules they have in place, will accept or reject the leads in the quickest time possible. Affiliates and brokers will often direct their leads to a pingtree. This means affiliates can concentrate on generating leads.

There are a number of ways to integrate with the Leadtree Global pingtree platform:

  • We have three iframe applications that you can integrate into your website
  • Integrate into Leadtree Global through the API
  • Use opted in to marketing data to generate traffic to one of our broker sites

Benefits of using Leadtree Global pingtree platform

  • Online portal
  • Set a Minimum and Maximum price point
  • Set up multiple profiles for your different traffic sources
  • Dedicated account manager
  • Integrate within a matter of hours
  • Earn up to 95% commission
  • High Accept rate
  • dCline path for declined leads
  • Keep you up to date with everything in the short term lending industry

For anyone looking to join the pingtree revolution contact us today and we can help you with get started.