Rules Guide

Here at LeadtreeGlobal we like to make things simple. We also believe in giving you control over the leads that get passed to you. In order to allow this we have provided configuration options that let you filter and apply rules to the leads and data that you are willing to accept.

This short guide will show you how to configure your lender profile with rules and filters.

Rules & Filters

First of all you will need to navigate to the configuration section for a lender profile. To do this find the Configuration menu option.


Once you have navigated here you will see your lender profiles. Next to each profile you will see a configure button. Click the configure button. This will take you to the Rules tab.


When you have selected the profile you want to configure, you will be greeted by this page.

Rules Overview

Selecting one of the available rules will begin the configuration process. At present there are four different types of rules.

  1. Multiple Choice Rules
  2. Date Rules
  3. Number Rules
  4. Text Rules

Each rule is broken down into three sections. The Rule, the condition and the value. For example The rule "Income" with the condition "Should be greater than" will check the "value" £800 or Income should be greater than £800

When building rules you can navigate between these sections using the breadcrumb

Rules Breadcrumb

Multiple Choice Rules

To start with, lets take a look at multiple choice rules. Start by selecting EmploymentStatus from the available rules list.

Rule Selected

Once selected, you will be shown the conditions that you can apply to this.

Rule Conditions

From here you will be able to select that the status "Should be one of" or "Should not be one of"

Select "Should be one of"

You will now be able to dictate which employment statuses you will accept.

Rule Value

To complete the setup, select the statuses that match your requirements and click on the save button.

Now you are finished you can review and remove any active rules you have created

First Rule Added

Date Rules

Ok, so far so good. Next up are the date rules. This type of rule has a few more options than multiple choice or number rules but are just as easy to setup.

Start by selecting the DateOfBirth rule from the available rules list as illustrated below.

Rule Date Selected

As you can see, there are a few more conditions to choose from when dealing with dates.

A common rule that lenders use for Date of birth is age restriction. We will model that here.

From the list of date rules, select the "Difference in years should be at between"

Rule Date Conditions

N.B. All date rules are calculated from the date the application is recieved by you.

You will now be presented with two input boxes. In our example, we are restricting applicants age to be over 18 and under 75.

Rule Date Value

Enter 18 into the first input box and 75 in the second input box then hit save.

Second Rule Added

As you can see. We now have two rules saved against our profile.

Number Rules

In this example we are going to be setting a rule on the loan amount. We want to restrict the minimum amount requested to be £50

As before we are going to start by selecting LoanAmount from the available rules list.

Rule Number Selected

Once LoanAmount has been selected you are going to see these conditions. Select "Should be greater than"

Rule Number Conditions

You will now see an input box. In here enter £50 then hit the save button

Rule Number Value

Excellent, Another rule added. You can now review and remove this rule.

Third Rule Added

Text Rules

In this last section of the guide we are going to setup a text rule for Email Address. The text rule includes the facility to match using regular expressions. This guide is not the right place to discuss what regular expressions are, how to build them or what they do. The appropriate audience for the regular expression section is technical not business. So it may be worth finding a developer or someone from IT support to help with regular expressions.

Firstly, we will talk about restricting emails that end with the gmail domain (don't do this for real, lots of people use gmail)

Start with the available rules list and select EmailAddress

Rule Text Selected

Now you are presented with the text condition list. From this list select "Should not end with"

Rule Text Conditions

You will be shown one input box. Enter into the box and hit save.

Rule Text Value

Super, saved another rule! You can review and delete if you need to.

Fourth Rule Added

Text Rules - RegEx

Right, now we will talk about restricting emails using regular expressions

As above, start with the available rules list and select EmailAddress

Rule Text Selected

Now you are presented with the text conditions list. From this list select "Should match regular expression"

Rule Text Conditions RegEx

You will be shown one input box. Enter the regular expression you use into the box and hit save.

Rule Text Conditions RegEx Fourth Rule Added RegEx