Integration Guide

Everything you need to know about integrating your systems with ours. The documentation provided shows you how to get up and running and start making the most from your leads.

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Integrating with Leadtree Global

If you’re thinking about becoming a lending partner, affiliate or Authorised Representative with Leadtree Global, you will almost certainly need to integrate with our system. There are a number of ways you can do this - the best option will depend on your business preferences and requirements.

The most common types of integration include an API and iFrame, but even these can come with different options to suit your needs.

What is an API?

API stands for Application Programming Interface, and is a way to programmatically interact with separate software or resources. Essentially, an API includes information about what a program can do, as well as how it does these functions - a set of rules that can be used elsewhere. Put even more simply, an API is a software intermediary that lets different applications talk to each other.

APIs are everywhere - each time you use an app like Twitter, check the weather on your phone or make a purchase through the Amazon app, you’re using an API. Apps on your phone or tablet connect to the internet and send data to a server, where it is retrieved and interpreted. The server will then perform any necessary actions and send the data back to your device. Once this has happened, the app will in term interpret the new data and present it to you in a readable format. All of this works through an API.

What is iFrame?

An iFrame is considered to be a simpler, less involved version of an API. Rather than interacting directly with another program interface, you instead embed iFrame code into your website.

iFrame is actually a shortened version of ‘inline frame’ - you’re essentially putting a HTML document inside a ‘frame’ within your site, that doesn’t necessarily follow the same rules as the rest of the page. The HTML document may also contain JavaScript or CSS, which is loaded when the iFame tag is parsed by the user’s browser.

Lender Integration

The direct lenders that work with us can integrate with Leadtree Global either using an API or iFrame application. They will then be able to access their online account area, which provides a complete overview of their campaign and offers insights and metrics in order to make positive changes.

In terms of lead acquisition, our lenders currently acquire leads in two different ways:

CPA (Cost Per Accept)

85% of our panel operate on a CPA basis, each paying between £75.00 and £0.50 per accepted lead depending on the type of product and the quality of the lead.

CPF (Cost Per Funded)

The remaining 15% of our panel of lenders will pay between 5% and 18% of the funded loan amount, or a fixed rate per funded loan.

Whilst it is true that most UK ping trees and credit brokers prefer to work on a CPL basis, we have achieved success with both CPL and CPF models. We can even create a hybrid model for lending partners who wish to explore both strategies.

Affiliate Integration

To integrate with Leadtree Global as an affiliate, you can do so via our API or through one of three different iFrame options. Simply select the most suitable iFrame format for your site, and we’ll provide a pre-built iFrame code that you can embed into your website.

We understand that not all affiliates are fully versed in software applications, so we offer full support when getting you set up and integrated with our system - we’ll help you get started as soon as possible.

Authorised Representative Integration

As an Authorised Representative, you can either choose to integrate with Leadtree Global through an API or iFrame, or you can simply direct traffic to our site. We will then track these customers with cookies, and provide you with a commission for each accepted or funded lead.

If you’re unsure about which choice would work best for you, you can simply get in touch with us, and we’d be happy to discuss integration options further.