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Below are some common FAQs. Please take a look.


Where do you operate?

Leadtree Global is an international operation. We work in the UK, Poland and the USA. We are always looking for new opportunities in new territories and so if you feel you could benefit from working with Leadtree Global, get in touch.

Are you authorised?

Yes. We are authorised by the Financial Conduct Authority. Our firm reference number is 728649. Our data protection number is ZA029756.

Do I need to be authorised?

Yes you do. All of our affiliates and Lenders need to be authorised by the Financial Conduct Authority and be registered with the Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO). For more information on authoristion please visit https// and

Having an ICO license is not just a number, it comes with responsibilities which must be taken seriously. There are certain obligations that you must adhere to in order to comply including protecting personal information and providing access to official information. For more information please use the data protection self-assessment toolkit.

Anyone wishing to send electronic communications must also adhere to the Privacy and Electronic Communications Regulations. The ICO have provided a guide to help marketers apply the regulations by giving practical examples and answering frequently asked questions. Direct marketing guidance PDF.


How often do we need to pay?

All of our lenders are invoiced monthly.

How do I make payments?

Leadtree Global accept payments by bank transfer.

Where does your traffic come from?

Our traffic comes from a variety of sources including social media, comparison websites, email, sms, SEO, PPC, lender declines and affiliates.

Do you have a compliance procedure?

Yes. All of the affiliates that pass traffic through our system, must go through a compliance process before they can send traffic to our lenders. The same goes for all the promotions, websites and creative that we and our affiliates use. We have a financial promotions procedure and if a creative, promotion or website does meet the criteria then we do not allow any traffic from that source.

Can I put a cap on the number of leads we accept?

Yes, we give our lenders the ability to decide how much traffic they purchase through the Leadtree Global platform?

Can affiliates run our campaigns?

If you have creative that you would like our affiliates to market for you, then we can facilitate that.

How many tiers can I set up?

You can set up multiple tiers if you have different criteria for each tier.


How can I integrate with you?

We have three different IFrame application form options that you can choose from. All you need to do is select the IFrame format from the dashboard and we will provide a pre-build IFrame code that you can embed into your website. You can also integrate with us via our API. This will give you all the tools you need to integrate. It is very simple to integrate and we offer full support to get you going in the quickest possible time.

How often do I get paid?

Leadtree Global pay affiliates on a monthly basis.

How much will I get paid?

Leadtree Global operate in a variety of ways. We can pay a flat fee for each accepted lead, a flat fee for every funded loan or we pay 90% commission for every accepted lead. Our system has been designed so that we can do all three or just one. It’s up to you.

What marketing channels can I use to drive traffic?

There are a number of ways you can drive traffic to your own website or to one of our websites. These include but are not limited to:

How do I track the results of my campaigns?

Our portal provides all of the statistics that you need to track your campaigns, from the number of clicks to the commission that you have earnt.You can log into your account here.

What methods can I use to send leads into the system?

This is incredibly important and you before you do anything else it’s important these two options. There are two very distinct ways you can send leads into the system. Direct Post and Polling.

What is Direct Post - When you send a lead into the system with a direct post, you post into us and then you simply wait for Leadtree Global to give you a response. This is the most common form of sending leads into the system.

What is polling - When you send a lead into the system which requires polling, a little more work is involved. Once you have submitted the lead, you will need to perform a GET request on the API like this You will need to do this every one to two seconds until you get an accepted, rejected, no buyers found or errors response.

Are the fields case Sensitive?

Yes, they are. Both the field name and the format are case sensitive. If the field name is First name and first name is inputted, there will be a validation error and the lead won’t be passed into the system.

How will I know how much commission I have made?

There is a commission field within the integration. If the lead is accepted by a CPA lender, the commission will be posted back. You can also check the commission you have made in the Leadtree Global portal.

What should I do if I don’t collect all the fields?

If you do not collect a particular field please get in touch with your account manager. It is recommended that you collect as much information as possible from the customers because the more information there is, the higher chance you have of leads being accepted. The work telephone number is a field that not every lender collects however, there are some prominent lenders that require this field. Not collecting it will mean you are missing out on crucial sales because some lenders will not look at leads with no work telephone number.

Going live

Before you go live please ensure that you change the istestlead field to false or remove it completely.

What if nobody buys the lead?

If a lead is not purchased by one of our direct lenders, we have solutions that pay on a cost per funded that we can send the traffic to. These include lenders who pay on a cost per funded basis. The conversion rate for these solutions is lower but it does mean that you will have an opportunity to make some money for your leads.

How can I track the performance of my leads?

The Leadtree Global portal will give you all the reporting you need. It will show you the leads seen, accepted, the average cost per accepted lead and much more. Every lender will give reasons as to why leads are being declined. If you go to the ledger tab of the portal and click the lender, you will see the rejection reasons. Sometimes lender’s won’t provide detailed information on why they have declined a lead but your account manager will get more detailed information for you.

Why are my leads getting rejected?

There are many reasons lender’s reject leads that you generate. The Ledger within the portal will give you a breakdown by the lender, of the rejection reasons. Aside from customers not meeting the credit profile for the lenders, lenders also have filters to reject leads before they see them. These can range from the loan amount the customer has asked for to the length of time they have lived in their property and more.

Validation errors are also a common reason for leads being rejected. As discussed above, things such as not ensuring fields are correctly formatted or passing the incorrect name in a field are all potential problems that may occur.

What does redirect mean?

When a lead is accepted by a lender we send the customer to the lender’s landing page. If the customer successfully lands on the lender’s landing page then the lead will have redirected. When a lead is accepted by a lender we send the customer to the lender’s landing page. On occasion the customer may lose internet connection or the page may have been loading for too long and so they decide to leave the application. If this happens and the customer does not land on the lender’s page, then the lead has not redirected.