1. What is a Cookie?
  2. What Cookies are used by Leadtree Global?
  3. Social media Cookies
  4. How to Control and Delete Cookies
  5. Our Privacy Policy

What is a Cookie?

A cookie is a small piece of data sent from a website and stored in the user's web browser as a very simple text file.

Cookies can be essential to a user using a website for example; storing session based data allowing the user to log in, or to have items in a shopping cart.

Cookies can also be used to help improve the user's experience or to allow websites to operate faster.

Cookies can also record information about marketing activity, such as; the keyword you used to find a website, what items you've viewed.

What Cookies are used by Leadtree Global?

Cookies that make our site work
Cookie Name What is it used for?
adnxsSes Marketing, affiliate based information. Recommendation affiliation identifiers
ASP.Net_SessionId Session information
SecurityTracking Anonymously Identifying Unique Visitors to our website
__RequestVerificationToken_Lw__ Anti forgery protection key security
CookiePrivacy Records if you have accepted our cookie policy
Third Parties Cookies
Company Name What are the cookies used for?
(_ga, _gid, _gat)

Anonymously Identifying Unique Visitors to our website

Anonymously Tracking Traffic Sources & Navigation

Anonymously Determining Visitor Session (when you visit and leave the site)

AdRoll to provide interest-based advertisements to show our ads on other websites. The technology to do this is made possible by cookies and as such we may place a so called "remarketing cookie" during your visit. The whole process is entirely anonymised.
(hubspotutk, __hstc, __hssrc, __hssc)

Identitfy and keep track of a visitor's identity.

Track session state and visits.

Social Media Cookies

Leadtree Global use social websites like Facebook and twitter to communicate with prospective and current customers. As such links from Leadtree Global to these sites may incur cookies to be added to your machine. These will be cookies used and maintained by these third parties.

How to Control and Delete Cookies?

Some people would prefer to not allow websites to place information on their computer, cookies, specifically ones used by Leadtree Global are generally quite harmless.

If you don't want to receive cookies, you can change the settings on your browser to either let you know when cookies are used or block their usage altogether. You can also remove cookies that have been added to your machine. You may wish to visit, which contains detailed guides on how to do this on a variety of desktop browsers.

Our Privacy Policy

For more information on our data usage and security please visit our Privacy Policy page.